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S1 Discretionary places

S1 Discretionary Places (2024/2025)
Notes on Application
Number of S1 discretionary places
We offer four Secondary One classes. Forty S1 discretionary places are available in our school.
Application procedures
1.     Application forms can be obtained from the school office or school website.
2.     Please submit the application form to the school office from 2/1/2024 to 16/1/2024.
Monday to Friday:          9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday:                       9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Parents who have registered as SSPA e-Platform users with "iAM Smart+" may submit the applications for DP via the SSPA e-Platform.
The following documents should be submitted:(They should be stapled in the following order)
1.     Application Form for S1 Discretionary place issued by the EDB. Our school name should be properly filled in the spaces provided in all 3 parts on the form which should not be torn apart.
2.     Application Form of our school
3.     Copy of Identity Card
4.     Copy of Primary 6 Student Record Form(Education Bureau document)
5.     Copies of P.5 report cards
6.     Copies of P.6 report cards
7.     Copies of relevant certificates awarded from P.4 to P.6.(not more than 10 pages)
* Recommendation letters by primary schools are not required.  Once the application form is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn, cancelled or changed in the order of school selection.  Applicants may apply to not more than 2 participating secondary schools or his/her chance of acquiring a discretionary place will be forfeited.
Admission criteria and weightings
Academic performance (50%); extra-curricular activities and services (15%); conduct (15%) and performance in interview (20%)
Details of interview and release of result
1.     Eligible applicants with higher scores according to the above admission criteria will be informed by phone and in writing in early March 2023 to attend an interview.
2.     The interview is scheduled on 16/3/2024 (Saturday).
3.     Successful applicants will be notified by mail and phone of their inclusion in the Successful List for S1 Discretionary Places on 28/3/2024.
4.     The results of Discretionary Places and Central Allocation will be released by the EDB on 9/7/2024. Parents need not make enquiries to our school before the announcement of the results.